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School Uniform & Standards of Appearance

Personal Appearance

We pride ourselves on the smart appearance of our children and request that you note the following with to personal appearance:


Girls: Should be traditional, conventional, of natural colour, neat and tidy and not follow extremes of fashion in terms of cut, style and length. Long hair (below shoulder length) should be tied back when determined by a teacher for Health and Safety reasons. Accessories should be understated and minimal with no large bows.

Boys: Should be traditional, conventional, of natural colour, neat and tidy and not follow extremes of fashion in terms of cut, style and length. Governors have recently clarified that boys should not have any lines shaved into the hair and any difference in length between the sides and top should be faded/blended. A number one or no-guard cut is not permitted. Both boys and girls must maintain high standards of appearance. Hair must not obstruct the eyes or the face. Parents will be informed of any incidences of head lice within school and for significant or persistent infestations will be brought to the attention of parents.

Cosmetics and accessories:

Children are not permitted to wear make-up or nail varnish.

For safety reasons, children are not allowed to wear jewellery (watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings) during P.E., games, movement, swimming lessons and after school sporting activities. If children come in earrings they must be able to remove them themselves for P.E.

The wearing of any sort of jewellery in school is positively discouraged. To prevent loss or damage to their personal property children should be discouraged from wearing it, particularly on days when they go swimming or take part in physical activities.


The simple and inexpensive uniform that all children are expected to wear includes:

Girls: Dark green jumper, cardigan, or school sweatshirt/cardigan, white blouse or polo shirt, grey skirt/grey or black trousers or pinafore dress (green & white check dress in summer), white socks, black shoes.

Boys: Dark green jumper or school sweatshirt, grey shirt or white shirt / polo shirt, grey or black trousers, black shoes.

PE Kit

For P.E. Indoors all children will require:
Shorts – Plain black shorts (football style)
T-Shirts – Plain short sleeved gold, red, blue or green (according to colour team)
Plimsolls – (Not trainers)

P.E. Equipment must be stored in a small drawstring bag, as the cloakrooms/lockers are too small to accommodate anything else. P.E. bags with the school badge on can be purchased from the school office (Price £2.00).

For P.E./Games outdoors children will require in addition:
A jogging suit, an optional green hoodie and black joggers with our Dalton St. Mary’s logo on has now been made available from Identity if parents should wish to purchase one.
Lightweight trainers (not boots).
Many children of all ages participate in extracurricular activities during and after school for which they will need appropriate kit.

School sweatshirts, polo shirts and t-shirts with the school badge embroidered on them are obtainable from ‘Identity’ Unit 2, Peter Green Way, Furness Business Park, Barrow.

Other items of clothing may be purchased from any school wear supplier. It is not obligatory to have clothing with the school badge.


Children in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 attend Dalton Leisure Centre for swimming lessons for which they require a swimming costume / trunks, towel and a comb or hairbrush. Girls should wear a one-piece swimming costume and boys should wear trunks/short swimming shorts. Parents will be informed of the dates when each class will be swimming.


Reviewed: Autumn Term 2019
Next Review: Autumn Term 2022
Signed Copy available, on request, from the school office.