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"Valuing life, loving God, loving each other and ourselves" - Mark 12

Religious Education

We ensure everyone in our school family experiences the best we have to offer. We celebrate achievements, inspiring each other knowing there is never failure - only an opportunity to learn.

We respect others’ thoughts and beliefs as in the teaching of Jesus.  We are thankful our well-resourced school allows us to develop the skills to serve others and the community, stretching out into the World as educated global citizens.
Mark12 V30:31

We aim to provide a Christian education for our pupils, while also developing within them an appreciation of the range of beliefs of others in the local community and in the wider world. Children experience this in school values and attitudes based on Christian commitment, while also developing respect and sensitivity towards those with different beliefs.

We seek to reflect our school status as a Church of England school without representing Christianity in a denominational way, but drawing upon the church community as a resource and living testimony to the influence of Christianity upon the life of its adherents. We aim to foster respect, tolerance, empathy, awareness and understanding of self and others in our teaching.

We aim for an open and reflective approach to Christianity and other world faiths and appreciation of what it might mean to a member of a faith community. We try to ensure that children develop both knowledge and understanding through their time at school.

Children in our school will become confident and successful individuals by learning to reflect on and express their own views while thinking and respecting the beliefs and values of others.

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Valuing All God’s Children July 2019

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