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Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.

They report directly to Parliament and are independent and impartial. 

Ofsted inspect and regulate services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

As such, Dalton St Mary’s CofE School is regularly inspected and the results of those reports are available for anyone to see.

Children in the early years settle happily into well-established routines. They enjoy playing and learning with their friends. Pupils know that adults care about them. There is always someone that they can trust to speak with. This helps pupils to feel safe at school. Any falling out with their friends is always resolved. Leaders act quickly to stop any bullying, should it occur.(Ofsted)

Leaders quickly identify pupils who need additional help. Skilled staff support these pupils successfully. Pupils with SEND access all that school life has to offer. The use of efficient technological equipment enables them to learn alongside their classmates. The help that pupils with SEND receive enables them to achieve well across a broad range of subjects.  (Ofsted)

Reading has a high priority across the school. In the early years, children become familiar with traditional stories. Pupils quickly learn the sounds that letters represent. The books that they read match the sounds they are learning. Pupils use their phonic knowledge successfully to decode unfamiliar words. Most pupils become confident, fluent readers by the end of Year 2. Pupils who find reading challenging, including pupils in key stage 2, benefit from the help that they receive from skilled staff. Pupils talk avidly about their favourite books and the stories that their teachers read to them. Older pupils choose their own texts from a wide range of books, including books online. All pupils are actively encouraged to read widely and often across a broad range of subjects. (Ofsted)

Please find the link to the latest Ofsted report below.

Dalton St Marys 2023 Ofsted report

Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school.

It provides the opportunity for parents to highlight how they feel about many aspects of our school from the quality of teaching and learning through to how we deal with bullying and poor behaviour.  
It is a place to celebrate the good things which happen here at Dalton St Mary’s along with the opportunity to highlight any areas where you may not be as satisfied.

We will use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when. 

By sharing your views, you’ll be helping your child’s school to improve. 

Department for Education

The Department for Education was formed on 12 May 2010 and is responsible for education and children's services.

Diocese of Carlisle

Dalton St Mary's CofE Primary School was last inspected by the Diocese of Carlisle's Board of Education on 12th March 2020.

A SIAMS Inspection asks:  How effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish? At our most recent inspection our effectiveness was graded as Excellent. The school is a loving family where all practice and decision making is underpinned by Jesus’ command to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’’.

 This vision is evident in the commitment to serving local and global communities. It results in investment to support the mental health and wellbeing of all. Strong and supportive Christian leadership from the headteacher results in the school being a rewarding place to learn and work.  (SIAMS)

Please find the link to the most recent SIAMS report below: