Behaviour Policy

Policy for Behaviour and Reward

Statement Of Intent

The school will provide a secure caring Christian community where everyone can learn their own self-worth in an atmosphere of tolerance, mutual respect and co-operation.

We intend the school to be a happy, safe and enjoyable place to work and learn, which will provide the opportunity for every child to fulfil their potential in an attractive, well-resourced and stimulating environment.

We will encourage children to become confident, independent learners who are emotionally resilient and able to contribute positively to the school and the community in which they live so they can take their full place in society secure as individuals, whilst able to respect the needs and values of others.


Our policy for behaviour and reward is designed to help children to be happy, secure and confident in school. We aim to help them to progress so that they can achieve their full potential academically and as a member of the school community. We aim to provide an environment which assists our children to learn about their rights and responsibilities and respect the rights of others. The children need a clear set of guidelines which are:

  • Understood by the whole school community
  • Consistently applied
  • Fair

It is our intention to emphasise, praise and reward what is positive in children’s behaviour and to give them a framework within which all can work.


A full copy of our school’s Behaviour Policy can be found by clicking on the following link:

DSM Behaviour Policy & procedures – Sept 2022

DSM Physical Intervention Policy 2022